Services Offered

Please contact me via the email below to discuss any of the following:

  1. Premium domains that are for sale. We will review offers of $250 or more for any of our domains.
  2. If you have a domain you’d like to sell and think we’d be interested in buying it or we might have a buyer for it.  If the domain has been spammed, don’t waste my time.
  3. Link leasing service.  Once you’re vetted, I’ll find the most appropriate options for you and your budget.  Minimum term of 6 months.
  4. 301ing.  If you want to temporarily 301 one of our sites for sale to yours instead of buying it.  Minimum term of 6 months.
  5. Domain buying on your behalf. We’ll find you the domain that you’re after, whether it be a dropping domain or a domain for sale.  Dropping domains are exceptionally good for SEO and we specialize in finding the right one for your business.  Your site might need 50 links to help it rank.  Getting that done takes a lot of time unless you buy a domain to 301 to your site.
  6. SEO audit. Can be from the very small such as just looking at site structure or to checking everything from on-page to internal link juice flow to silo’s to inbound and outbound links.

You can catch me at admin [at]

My requirements to deal with you:

I will only deal with people I can authenticate to preserve the integrity of the link leasing service.

Work for link leasing and SEO audit will commence once payment is received.

All domain buying/selling will be conducted through or