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The history of Yellow Lens

The purpose of my plays is to bring people together by first acknowledging their differences and then peeling back the layers so that we can all see how similar we are.

My first theatrical production was in February of 2009. The show was called Yellow Lens. I was on an Asian American listserve and a call was put out by Ms. Danielle Ma, a student on a scavenger hunt to find a one act for her end of the year show. I reached back and offered to write a play for her. The result was The Breakup.  Ms. Ma loved The Breakup and it was not chosen for her review. However, though my dialogue with Ms. Ma it became apparent that The Breakup and more One Acts need to be created for young Asian American actors and more specifically for Asian American women actors.

I then wrote to completion a total of 7 one act plays. 13 actors joined me on this journey and Ms. Parker Pracjek, Ms. Sofia Varino, Ms. Darya Gerasimenko and I made up the crew and Ms. Micia Mosely was my mentor producer at the WOW Café Theatre. The one act plays were made up of 1 monologue and 6 short plays for 2 actors. All of the plays were about individuals making pivotal decisions that severely impact or have impacted themselves and their relationships. The glue that held them together, and what constituted the plays could be deemed “Asian American” were: 1) myself as and Asian American Playwright, and 2) at least 1 of the 2 characters (of referenced characters) had to be Asian American.

The plays that made up Yellow Lens were:

The Relative – The Relative reveals a tragic event that occurred with their young niece. (Either the actor and/or the niece’s photo must be Asian.)

Came To Believe – An Asian son becomes devastated when his mother no longer believes in his innocence.

Twenty Dollars – A Chinese American teenager asks her Chinese grandmother for her hard earned cash, so she can go to a concert.

Beauty and The Geek – An Asian college male freshman is targeted by another Asian college freshman to be her date to a cruel sorority rush party.

The Dinner Party – A first generation Vietnamese grandmother must choose between her family and her employer, a Japanese American aristocrat.

Two Point Two – Two college seniors (an Asian American male and a woman of any race) discuss their having gone through an abortion.

The Breakup – An Asian American senior woman, seeks advice on how to breakup with her boyfriend from her college classmate (any woman of color).

The plays were performed by the following actors: Otoja Abit, Janice Amano, Nanci L. Cone, Elise Cantu, Amy Chang, Vallun Dior Pilgrim, Kathleen Locklar, Douglas Rossi, Sean G. Tarjyoto, Jennifer Takaki, Lemon Timmons, John Wu, Caterina Xiroyanni

Assistant Director – Sofia Varino

Light Design and Technician – Parker Pracjek
Set Design – Darya Gerasimenko

The feedback received was that the plays were universal and everyone could relate and the night was a great success. Please look for Yellow Lens: 2 in 2010 with new contemporary One Act plays for Asian Americans.

If you would like to purchase the script or produce any or all of the one act plays, please contact me.

Thank you for reading about Yellow Lens and keep checking to see when the next run is!

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