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The synopsis of Butch Mamas!

Corey recently graduated with her MSW and needs to complete her therapy hours for her license. She creates Butch Mamas! a therapy group for butch lesbians who want to become mamas! Little does she know, but she has created the perfect breeding ground for dysfunctional lesbians to process butch identity, parenting, failed relationships, and alternative ways to have children and make families. The hilarity ensues when the only consistent participants include a Teagan and Cassie, a couple who broke up 6 years ago, without closer. In attendance are Robin (Cassie’s wife), Alma, a lawyer and single woman looking for a surrogate, and Jasper, an AG who can’t get enough of being around her butch mamas, Shay and Kelp join the butches as their well intentioned eccentric admirers.

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